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Tittel [sv]
Sökande efter en socialt hållbar vardag utanför storstaden. Barnfamiljers flytt av det dagliga livet.
Tittel [en]
A good life outside the city? Relocation as a strategy for families in search of a socially sustainable everyday life outside the metropolitan areas
Abstract [en]
The objective of this research project is to analyse counter-urban migration as a relocation strategy in order to improve the social sustainability of daily life (i.e. better work-life-balance and quality of life) among families with young children in Sweden. Previous research in Sweden on counter-urban migration consists mainly of register based studies failing to address the complexity of factors in daily life. In international counterurbanisation studies, lifestyle is often either overlooked or treated in a simplified manner emphasising ?the rural idyll? rather than embracing the complexity of daily lives. The project will deploy a mixed methods approach collecting survey and interview data from families moving out of the metropolitan areas of Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö. In order to provide a wider analysis of counter-urban migration, the focus will not be limited to specific destinations, such as rural areas, but will embrace all moves out from the metropolitan areas to all parts of Sweden; cities, towns and small settlements. Thereby this research will contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of the counter-urban migration behaviour among families with young children recognise how families? organisation of their daily life before and after the counter-urban move is associated with their decision to move, and their experience of the move.
Principal InvestigatorLundholm, Emma
Koordinerande organisasjon
Umeå universitet
2019-01-01 - 2021-12-31
HSV kategori
Human Geography
DiVA, id: project:1530Prosjekt id: 2018-01257_VR

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