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Title [sv]
Nanokaviteter för inkapsling av små molekyler; syntes och studier av endimensionella hybridstrukturer och vätskeceller för elektronmikroskopi
Title [en]
Nano-cavity for encapsulation of small molecules; towards synthesis of one-dimensional hybrid structures and liquid cell for electron microscopy
Abstract [en]
The proposed research plan is based on the investigation of properties of collapsed carbon and/or boron nitride nanotube (a derivative of nanotube which forms a flat ribbon shape structure) as a nano-cavity for synthesizing new hybrid structures and fabricating electron microscope liquid cell. In the first part of the project different molecules such as fullerene or small flat carbon based molecules will be encapsulated inside collapsed nanotubes. The flat nature of collapsed tube make it possible to polymerize the small flat molecule to form ribbon structure sandwiched between the flattened walls of collapsed tube. This could result in one dimensional layered structure. The electrical properties of synthesized structure will be examined on a custom-made device geometry which makes it possible to characterize the examined sample by electron microscopy before and after electrical measurement. A successful outcome of this part of the project could introduce a new and unique route to synthesized, well defined, hybrid one-dimensional structure from a wide variety of materials. Besides that study of electronic properties of one-dimensional layered structure is fundamentally of great interest and it is predicted that such a structure could show unique electrical properties.The second part of the study suggests to reinflate the collapsed carbon nanotube by insertion of liquid with added nanoparticles. This could be used as liquid cell for electron microscopy of material in liquid phase. The benefit with such a liquid cell is small liquid thickness (equal to the diameter of the reinflated tube) which increase the quality of the image. Also a successful outcome of the project could introduce a simple route for fabrication of electron microscope liquid cells which opens for investigation of large number of physical and chemical phenomena in liquid phase. The host group of the current project is a world leading research group at physics department of University of California, Berkeley. I visited this group for one year during my PhD. program. The current project is a follow up of the project I have started during my visit. With the preliminary result I have obtained I believe that the proposed project is feasible. The group also collaborates with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and is specialized in different fields such as electronic properties of nanostructure and electron microscopy. The knowledge and skills I have obtained during my PhD. as well as my previous experience in the host research group will help me to have an effective research period as a postdoctoral researcher also I will get the chance to expand my knowledge to electrical transport of nanostructures and advanced electron microscopy which would be highly beneficial for my academic career and could be beneficial for Swedish research community in my return to Sweden.
Principal InvestigatorBarzegar Goltapehei, Hamid Reza
Coordinating organisation
Umeå University
2015-07-01 - 2018-06-30
National Category
Condensed Matter PhysicsMaterials Chemistry
DiVA, id: project:1504Project, id: 2015-00520_VR

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