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Titel [sv]
Viperin vs flavivirus: mekanismer hos ett potent antiviralt protein
Titel [en]
Viperin vs. flaviviruses: mechanisms of a potent antiviral protein
Abstract [sv]
The genus Flavivirus consists of viruses causing serious disease in millions of people all over the world. There is currently no antiviral treatment for any of these viruses. My research focuses on finding novel intrinsic antiviral mechanisms against flaviviruses, using tick-borne encephalitis virus (TBEV) as a model. TBEV is very sensitive to interferons (IFN). Screening a set of IFN-stimulated effector genes identified viperin as a strong candidate, reducing TBEV titers with 4 orders of magnitude. Viperin is a novel interferon-induced protein shown to be active against other flaviviruses. However, the mechanism of action is poorly characterized. The aim is therefore to investigate the antiviral mechanism of this protein. Different aspects will be studied: 1. Identify and characterize cellular and viral proteins interacting with viperin. 2. Identify protein domains in viperin which is responsible for the antiviral activity. 3. Compare the antiviral activity of viperin against different TBEV strains displaying diverse pathogenicity. 4. Generate and analyze viperin escape mutants of TBEV. The approaches that will be used to answer these aspects are standard molecular biology methods combined with mass spectrometry, infection assays, reverse genetics and biochemical analysis. These results will give a better understanding of viperins antiviral mechanism and may in addition lead to the identification of possible targets to counteract TBEV and other Flavivirus infections.
ProjektledareÖverby Wernstedt, Anna
Koordinerande organisation
Umeå universitet
2012-01-01 - 2014-12-31
Nationell ämneskategori
Cell- och molekylärbiologiMikrobiologi inom det medicinska områdetImmunologi inom det medicinska området
DiVA, id: project:1140Projekt id: 2011-02795_VR