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Titel [sv]
Neuroprotektiv behandling av glaukom - En klinisk randomiserad studie för utvärdering av nikotinamid
Titel [en]
The Swedish Glaucoma Nicotinamide Trial (SGNT)
Abstract [en]
Metabolic decline may be a critical, and treatable, pathogenic component of glaucoma. Glaucoma is the leading cause of irreversible blindness affecting almost 80 million patients worldwide. Current treatment strategies for glaucoma only target intraocular pressure (IOP) management. Too many patients are subject to surgical interventions because of progressive damage, or progress to blindness despite low pressures. So far search for a treatment that targets the retina and optic nerve and arrests progression, has a low side effect profile, and is cost-effective has been unsuccessful.Nicotinamide (NAM) is cost-effective, well-tolerated, with an ideal safety profile established over 75 years of clinical use. NAM is an important precursor to the essential metabolite NAD, a well-established mediator of neuronal survival. Recently, NAM has been demonstrated to be low in the sera of patients with glaucoma, and supplementing a diet with NAM is robustly protective in animal models of glaucoma. The aim of this VR proposal for planning clinical therapy research is to assess NAM as a neuroprotective agent in a non-inferiority assessment against latanoprost (the most potent IOP lowering medication). Specifically, this project will:Establish an adequately powered glaucoma clinical trial for NAM,Assess beneficial effects of NAM treatment on the quality of life of an aged population,Assess blood metabolomic profiles of glaucoma patients and controls.
ProjektledareJóhannesson, Gauti
Koordinerande organisation
Umeå universitet
2020-01-01 - 2020-12-31
Nationell ämneskategori
DiVA, id: project:2125Projekt id: 2019-06076_VR

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