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Titel [sv]
Trädautomater för datoriserad språkteknologi
Titel [en]
Tree Automata in Computational Language Technology
Abstract [sv]
The theory of tree automata is an important area of formal language theory that studies formal devices processing trees: finite-state tree automata, tree grammars, tree transducers, and their extension by so-called weights. The research objective of the project, and the purpose of the collaboration, is the further development of this theory. Special emphasis will be put on applications in computational language technology. The development of such technology is particularly important for South Africa, because the country has 11 official languages, all of which are mother tongues for some citizens. It also has a high illiteracy rate. In order to address this situation as quickly and efficiently as possible, technology needs to be developed that can, for example, translate textbooks from English into the other 10 languages.The theory of tree automata is well suited for applications in computational language technology, because information is usually represented by tree-structured data. Thus, many algorithmic problems in computational language technology can be formalised using tree automata theory, which provides them with the sound formal basis necessary for making reliable progress. The collaboration will strengthen the South African research in this important field and, thus, improve the basis for the further technological development of the country.
ProjektledareDrewes, Frank
Koordinerande organisation
Umeå universitet
2009-01-01 - 2011-12-31
DiVA, id: project:895Projekt id: 2008-06074_VR

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