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Title [sv]
Virusreceptorer: betydelse för tropism, terapi och targeting
Title [en]
Virus receptors: implications for tropism, treatment and targeting
Abstract [sv]
The main aim of this project is to identify and characterize molecules and mechanisms that are involved during the early steps of viral infections, e.g. attachment to host cells, and to develop and evaluate the in vitro inhibitory effect of a new type of antiviral drugs, e.g. attachment inhibitors. Proteomics and array-based approaches will be used for identification of host candidate receptors used by members of the Adenoviridae, Picornaviridae, and Orthomyxoviridae families. Their in vitro function will be validated with state-of-the-art attachment and infection methods. Biochemical features of the virus-receptor interactions will be further studied with surface plasmon resonance and isothermal calorimetry. Structural features of the interactions will be determined at atomic level by means of X-ray crystallography. These interactions will guide the design and synthesis of attachment inhibitors, which will be evaluated biochemically, structurally and functionally. Despite the huge health problems and socioeconomical burden that is caused by viruses, antiviral drugs are only available against a handful of virus-caused infections. This proposal will address this problem. Moreover, viruses (adenoviruses in particular) are frequently used as vectors for various therapies, but their function has been hampered largely due to poor cellular targeting. The results generated from this project will also be useful to improve the targeting of viral vectors.
Principal InvestigatorArnberg, Niklas
Coordinating organisation
Umeå University
2013-01-01 - 2017-12-31
National Category
Medicinal ChemistryMicrobiology in the medical areaInfectious Medicine
DiVA, id: project:1305Project, id: 2013-02753_VR