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Title [sv]
Värd-glykaners reglering av virus adhesion, tropism och infektion.
Title [en]
Host-glycome regulation of virus adhesion, tropism, and infection.
Abstract [sv]
Most viruses interact with glycoconjugates on cells or in secretions that serve as adhesion or decoy receptors. The purpose of this program is to explore the human glycome and identify key glycoconjugates that regulate viral adhesion, tropism, and prevention of infection. The specific aims will be addressed by taking advantage of the specific tropism and glycan-binding capacity of respiratory influenza A virus and ocular adeno- and picornaviruses. Key regulatory glycoproteins will be identified from cells and secretions using proteomics-based approaches including 2D-gel electrophoresis and advanced mass spectrometry. Surface plasmon resonance protocols will be developed and combined with X-ray crystallography and competetive binding and infection experiments to further validate and characterize virus-glycan interactions. Based on structure and function of key glycoconjugates, complementing glycan and glycopeptide arrays will be developed to further explore the regulatory effects of glycan presentation, modification, charge, density, and underlying peptide backbone. Guided by the data obtained we will then synthesize glycan-containing compounds and evaluate their antiviral properties. To reach these goals, a multidisciplinary consortium will be formed with key expertice in relevant areas. In summary, this program will add significant knowledge within and beyond the field of virus-host interactions, and establish a platform for development of novel antiviral drugs.
Principal InvestigatorArnberg, Niklas
Coordinating organisation
Umeå University
2013-01-01 - 2016-12-31
National Category
Organic ChemistryStructural BiologyMicrobiology in the medical area
DiVA, id: project:1323Project, id: 2013-08616_VR